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Bodie and Mono Lake are iconic California destinations. Bodie, a preserved ghost town frozen in time, has an eerie charm about it with its weathered facades of historic buildings. While Mono Lake has otherworldly landscapes and surreal salt formations. I was in awe of both places and loved capturing a little piece of each.
Less is MoreMono Lake No. 1DreamscapeMono Lake No. 2Mono Lake No.3Mono Lake No. 4Road to Bridgeport No. 1Road to Bridgeport No. 2Mindscape - Reflections of the PastBodie No. 1Bodie No 2Bodie No. 3Old GoldBodie No. 4Bodie No. 5Bodie No. 6Bodie No. 7Bodie No. 8Bodie No. 9Bodie Church